In this article you’ll find a handful of free piano tutorials that emphasize the particular flavor of my adventurous musical discovery. These resources will be updated occasionally and are intended to help noob musicians to become glorious creative geniuses.

The Fastest Way To Learn Piano

Professional Piano Player Teaches How To Play Like a Genius

Piano Learning Secrets

In the next video we’ve got Brenden, the inventor of Musiah, here back in 2012 discussing the piano teaching method. Included are some historical insights that shed light on some musical notation secrets that are worth discovering for any musician.

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How To Play Basic Chords on Piano

Here’s a video that teaches chords, and goes a bit more in depth into piano playing of scales and bit more basics for all you upcoming piano geniuses.

Piano Music Learning Secrets (Kaboomski Style)

(Direct Video Interview Coming Soon)

Many of you have heard my piano playing, but my education is amateur. Today I’m pioneering the greats, and studying under several musical mentors. As I continue down life’s adventurous paths it compels me to share my most useful findings with you all.
In case you’re interested in discovering How to Play Piano, I’m sharing that discovery. Here’s the beginning. Found some great informational videos, and some super bad ass educational software that helps learn music 16x faster than normal music lessons.

Learn Piano 16x Faster than Before!