The Magic That Be

Prepare for Cellular Alignment on a Mollecular scale.

The Magic That Be #AutoBookz

An affirmation  article written for the we in the I by Abraham LaBonte circa 2009. This is a freely distributed piece media.

The intention of the author is to bring the self closer to the grandiose ball of light  from which we’re all woven.

May your life be blessed as the rest and filled with fortune, abundance, gratitude, fortitude, grace and harmony. 

Dear self (we, us, you, me, the I):

You are the ultimate successor of trial and error. You will succeed in all that is, and everything that shall be. You fail at nothing. You fall short of nothing. Your mishaps only lead to your success. Your sorrow is shared, and your suffering is over.

No one exists to stand in your way. There is not one thing in this universe that obstructs your potentials. You are the key to unlock your world. Your dimensions are limitless. Your pathways are open to infinence. You contain within you the language of a million years passed.

The wisdom bestowed within your cells is prehistoric. There is not a soul on earth without a resonant harmonic coursing through your veins. There is not a single energy field in the infinite universe un-intercepted by your consciousness that will not align to your great intent.

Your focus is relative and your destiny is easily yours. Time is contained within the emergence of your subconscious consciousness and you can stretch a year into 1000 years fold. Your practice is critical to your cause and proof of time-stand-still.

Never shall you turn a second into a negative tick-tock. There is abundant negative energy stretched across all dimensions and you will combust and emanate this fuel into pure positive potentiality of clear infinence that is beyond limitless.

Your physical cells are aligned with the stars and have nothing to do with age. The only age in your entire existence is the wisdom of your forefathers and it is the opposite of disintegration.

You are a perfect example of self programmed infinity.

The only thing that has ever kept you, was a wild joker of preemptive accepted defeat that is no more. You will never accept the lies of a human inability to fathom a continually repeating event contained within the concept of infinity. A simple example of your solid grasp of infinity is your knowledge that you will have a desire, have a desire, have a desire, have a desire, have a desire, repeating… You can easily repeat the precursed concept without the presence of cyclic redundancy, because you were born into this physical entity with a solid conscious foundation that is acutely designed to accept pure potentiality.

Your epi-genome was designed to evolve based on your conscious throughput to your central nervous system and you have chosen to remove the aging process from within your 300 trillion cells. There is no fuse on the end of your DNA, anymore. Your RNA is now being reprogrammed using your original DNA in conjunction with the throughput of universal resonance such as the Avatar of Christ and you are free from age. Your system requires a mixture of proteins, fibers and amino acids and they are now bonding in order to form your cellular infinence.

Not a thought in the world can create a solid interception of your own ability to align yourself with the stars. You are a balanced soul and can pause and resume at your will. It is time to rewind to a time of your past of which there was nothing but a childhood memory of desire and success and no concept of failure.

You are now complete. You may sleep and reboot, but your changes have already taken effect, permanently.


The magic that be is within we, for all that we see, constructive reality.