Many people accept that it’s the parent’s duty to teach responsibility. (that’s the main message I get from the original feed)

I can see how this is insane, and can be used in a lot of ways that parents may find disturbing. You can’t buy this unless you’re an adult, though. Crazy stuff like this is not going away. Weapons always change, a gun’s a gun. After imagining from a kid’s perspective, I think a cap gun to a kid, is more destructive than this.

You’ve got to realize the creative power in the imagination of children. For instance a child can hold a stick, imagine it as a bazooka and blow up the world, long before they can speak words. It’s up to the parents to educate their children in our evolving world, that has always been very dangerous.

If I was a kid I’d think it was awesome, and thanks to decent parents, I would have appreciated it intellectually, and it would have been something that would have made me more responsible, because I would have felt the weight of the gun, the bullets, what it feels like to hold, and taken into account what I was told about the dangers of having any human in a 180 degree radius from the point of the barrel.

Bring this thing to school, and I can see some major problems, but once again, any parent would have to recognize the real appearance of this. A BB gun is more dangerous than this, though, and how many kids have BB guns? It really comes down to parental responsibility, I think. I shot guns as a kid, now I don’t even own a gun. I shoot people dead in video games on a regular basis, and have since I was 2 years of age, but so have millions of Americans, and we also play games where we plant flowers, build houses, and design worlds.

Violence always exists in some form or another, and one day we’ll just have lasers, or whatever new weapons, and bullets will be a collectors item, like millions of other war artifacts, strewn across the ages.

A smart kid can get anything they want, one way or another. Teach them to be responsible with what they have. Give them the resources of wisdom they need to grow and develop. Educate them in a way, to help them be wise, so when faced with the option of goodness or pleasure, goodness is the natural decision.

I can see how people will try to find a way to ban stuff like this. That’s not possible, designs always change. Ignorant adults, having too much sex, leads to children with fake handguns, in public, getting shot. Make laws against these parents, who are raising their children terribly, please! Stop enabling ignorance.