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Is This Actually Real or Not?

You Be The Judge…

At 8 years old the world was at my fingertips, and a select few, but now it’s virtually in the hands of billions!



Let’s build the future together!

I’ve been creating worlds since my grandfather sat me down in front of the Duke 3D Level Editor Manual, on a  486 DX4 PC and it would be my great honor to nobly explore the future of these worlds with you!

Lately I’m working in AUGMENTED REALITY

Don’t forget to strap your face into the future as the future begins to extend you! Upon landing do not remove your helmet, and please remain seated until you have received either your choice of the red, purple, blue, green, yellow, or pink pill…

Doge Wall Clock



World, Lighting, Textures

Minutes I’ve Ponder Stuff


Articial Intelligence



Unreal, Unity, Hammer

Pioneering several hundred avenues of creativity from individual perspectives to maximum potentiality of all content and context. From VR, AR, AI, Art, Graphics, Games, Design, Development, Marketing, SEO, 3D, Prototypes, Sounds, Voice, Music, Production, Screen Printing, Laser Engraving, Signage, Classifieds, Business, Consulting, Environment and Most Common Interests, including Entertainment, and less/more common insights in realms of Science, Evolution, Technology, Journalism, Photography, Education, Social, Networking, Art, Lifestyle, DJ, Dance, Bars, Restaurants, Acting, Orchestra, Bands, Publishing, Directing, Modeling, Yoga, Reiki, New Age, Old Age, Modern Age, Relative Age, Ancient, Mythological, Logical, Philisophical, Linguistic, Mathematic, Scientific, Historic Research / Investigation and General Resources for All Things Relative to Any Self in Eastern and Western Culture, in any Contintent, in Any Country.


Whether you make it off this planet or not, you’re going to the moon tonight! Be sure all your animals are fed, and that you’re hodling plenty!

Building a Golf World for VR Metaverse

A few brush strokes here, some voxel edits there, a heightmap or two and a pile of golf clubs and vr goggles for vacation tonight!

Together our dreams will become reality!