Superhuman Exoskeletons are on the Rise!

Personally I think it’s great that we’re finally amplifying our materialistic potentials. Forget multi-tasking soon we’ll be super-tasking!

He still can’t do the splits, but he can walk on walls and mountains! Military grade exoskeletons are great for super human power attainment, but boy are they expensive.

If you really want your own exo skeleton, or perhaps just a fancy robot with a sharp AI check out Roboshop!

Or continue on down, and check out the rest of Discovery’s cool super human exo skeleton article!

“10 Exoskeletons to Make You Superhuman : Discovery News”


We look at some of the most cutting-edge exoskeletons and how they’re advancing science and society.

Source: 10 Exoskeletons to Make You Superhuman : Discovery News