1, 2, 3,  Winterize your bike to climb ice cliffs with zip ties – cheap, easy and epic! This idea is too good to try at home.

zip tie mountain bike tire snow proof life hacker link

HTTP://WWW.LIFEHACKER.COM | Zip Tie Snow Tires: The Cheapest Way To Blizzard-Proof Your Bike

“It’s officially that time of year, with snow and slush and ice perpetually impeding your biking. What to do? Well, if you’ve got a box of zip ties and feel like getting your MacGyver on, you do this.”

I was just browsing fat tire bikes, and the cheap ones suck. Google’d “cheapest way to snow proof a bike for winter” and blamo, zip tie your bike tires for the win. I can’t say I’ve tried it, but I sure am going to! The rest of the world recommends it, so here you go.