You are life. You are love. You are beauty. You are breath. You are the wind. You are content. Bend you can toward whatever it is that you need, and away from every obstacle. Without expectation, accept your confusion, ask the Holy Spirit to approach your obstacles with solutions by saying “How can I solve or achieve __blank goal / obstacle_____?”

Don’t even worry — as you know you are love and you are loved. Life is all the same, so just keep dancing, and we will all be, at once in time, in harmony. The Confucius say and Confucius do is similar the sacred hue and all you need is faith alone, one step at a time, and to accept how simple life really is, and ignore the bullshit. It’s easier said than done, but after the pain of trial begins the fun. Always grateful for those that know, that love is all we need to grow, and filled with wisdom of the light, we’ll tear apart the unknown night. Let go of mind, and use your heart, and you’re already off to a pretty good start.

Much love my friends. Thank you for being apart of the life that we all share on this planet! May you be blessed to see a lighter light, the holy glory, sacred story, in a way that works for you today, to bring you closer to the way, the way to be and share the glee, to live and dance in harmony. I’m sure you’ll find it, so don’t mind it.?‍♂️

The Magic that Be
Is Within Thee
For All That We Sea
Constructive Reality

— Just another Abrahamic letter, dedicated to the light without, and the light within, the life we share, and the breath we bare — written to simplify reality into bitesize chunks for all of us to share and be and last in harmony.

— It is always a blessing when the struggle of a friend / loved one brings a wise healing nature out of the self. Thank you Jensine Psyvory Canella for being such a warm hearted and bright spirited friend. The passage above is a modified excerpt, of a personal response, regarding how to overcome stress, and life obstacles, as they come.

— Abraham E LaBonte