My note to Christians during this religious war:
I personally don’t believe in either faction. Anyone who uses religion to usurp the freedom of others, by gossiping and pointing fingers is just as “evil”(You’re just promoting the very thing you’re disgusted with). You do realize that’s there exact goal, is to get a rise out of you, and make you look ignorant, because you’re arguing about free speech.

In America, it’s certainly ignorant to argue against free speech. It’s great you have the right to do so, isn’t it? That right that allows you to talk crap against people, is the same right that these people whole-heartedly deserve, and are expressing to you. The truth is, in America, everyone has the same inalienable rights, support them if you’re not afraid to.

Fear is the root of all evil, and any religion that instills fear upon it’s faithful incumbents is unjust and obsolete. Stop being so afraid, and stand up, you’re not even shackled to that wall. Stop crying, and connect with reality. Bible quotes are fun, but they’re not the law, they’re obsolete and old. How would you expect them to make a difference in other people, by using words that are becoming obsolete, that connect with others less and less every day? I”m not saying it’s wrong, but I’m suggesting to be aware.…/03/09/us.religion.less.christian/

The universe is bound to raise a new religion(s) sooner or later, because people simply don’t continue to agree with religions today. They don’t lack faith, or spiritual potentiality, in fact they ache for it, however, they possess the knowledge that supersedes the current religious cores. People today might start becoming more aware of religions that criminalize religious power and hierarchy, while remaining open to the metaphysical, like Raja Yoga for instance which subjects all beliefs of faith to science, but does not claim these esoteric experiences are at all false, just hard to prove, and should be subject to further study, and proven on an individual basis.

That’s how I believe the rational, non-obsolete response to these outcries to advocate the freedom of speech should be reacted to, with no claims, and no judgement. These people are different than you, accept it and stop criticizing, wait for further study, you have no right to judge these people. You really think “God” planned your argument with these people, because judging and promoting would be such a great reaction?

The words in the bible are quotes from thousands of people, identifying a similar source. That source has never been pinpointed in modern times. Try accepting that your religion is just a finger or a toe, on this source of power. All religions empower people, just how yours has empowered yours, enjoy, let it be, we let you be.

Hell, I’m born of Christian blood, and I’m a straight male. It’s ignorance that I’m disgusted by, not two beautiful women on a cross. They look like innocent pawns of someone else’ regime. I can’t interview them to ask their exact intentions. If that regime was not effective against privacy-spankers (christians) you wouldn’t be promoting it. Stop promoting other’s evil regimes, and learn more about your spiritual freedom. By judging and sharing, you’re only showing your ignorance, and discrediting the diversity of Christianity. A Christian can be more forgiving and less full of fear. You don’t have to lash out, your freedom of speech has not been squelched, and you certainly have no obligation to attack someone else’ freedom of speech, nor does your religion support it. Don’t be afraid to learn how truly amazing you actually are!

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