Crowfunding for clinical LSD trials, to find medical benefits is still at a state of infancy in 2015?
“LSD could help anxiety, alcoholism and even inflammatory disorders. Unfortunately, despite these promising early studies, there is a major barrier in this field of research: attitudes towards drugs”

Yes it’s extremely controversial, so wouldn’t it make perfect sense to have conclusive scientific information on it’s effects?

Hallucinogens have played a historical roll in the construction of religion since before we can remember. We conduct clinical drug trials with risks on thousands of people a year. Stigmas should not prevent further knowledge of any substance.

Your Brain On LSD | IFLScience

For some people, they’re the recipe for one heck of a party. For others, they’re dangerous, one-way tickets to trouble that deserve their illegal status. But regardless of how people view them, and whether or not governments and policy makers like to admit it, psychoactive drugs are starting to show…